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Welcome to Green Elephant Games

An Innovative Publisher and Distributor of Board Games in India

Green Elephant Games is a growing team of diverse professionals, partner companies and individuals that enjoy the intersection of learning, language, creativity and art. We have 4 avatars.


We are a part of the awesome, growing gaming community in India that is introducing India's rich culture, heritage, languages and art to the global tabletop gaming community.


We are a game designer-friendly publisher.  We love games and are passionate about helping designers reach their creative dreams, while achieving commercial success.


We are a co-publisher of 3 international best-selling board games in Hindi, Terraforming Mars, Wingspan and Azul (Hindi and English).


We distribute some of the leading tabletop games in the world for the Indian market and export games from India to the US.  Some of the publishers we carry are in the gallery below.

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International Bestsellers (Hindi)

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Terraforming Mars

Consistently ranked one of the TOP 5 BOARD GAMES on



Ranked the #1 FAMILY GAME on

Meet the Game Designers

Original. Insightful. Fun.

Green Elephant Games is grateful for the opportunity to work on/distribute games designed by incredible game designers and produced by amazing publishers. Learn more about the people behind the games we’ve published in Hindi, in their own words.

Jacob Fryxeius playing TM.jpeg

जेकब फ्रि क्सेलियस

Jacob Fyxelius

Jacob Fryxelius is the game designer behind Terraforming Mars.  He got his PhD in Chemistry at Stockholm University in 2006.  Discovering his passion for analyzing and explaining things, he began to work as a science teacher for high schools and colleges, getting his teaching diploma in 2011. 


Board Games being a hobby since childhood, he has developed several games over the years.  In 2011, he co-founded Frygames with his brothers Enoch, Daniel, Jonathon and Isaac.  Between teaching, Fryxgames, his children and his lovely wife, his life is full indeed!​   

बोर्ड गेम्स - विज्ञान - अंतरिक्ष

Board Games - Science - Space

Elizabeth Hargrave Outdoors.png

एलिज़ाबेथ हारग्रेव

Elizabeth Hargrave

I am a board game designer inspired by a love of nature and a desire to play games that break away from tried-and-true themes. My first game, Wingspan, won the 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres. 

When I'm not gaming, you'll often find me hiking, birding, or collecting mushrooms in and around Washington, DC. I have also had a 20+ year career in health policy, helping improve the US government programs that serve elderly and low-income people.

To learn more about our favorite designers and us, please follow us social media.

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बोर्ड गेम्स - विज्ञान - पक्षियों

Board Games - Science - Birds

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” 

George Bernard Shaw

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All Videos

All Videos
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Terraforming Mars in about 3 minutes

Terraforming Mars in about 3 minutes

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Terraforming Mars - How To Play

Terraforming Mars - How To Play

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How to Play Terraforming Mars!

How to Play Terraforming Mars!

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Could We Terraform Mars?

Could We Terraform Mars?

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7th/8th Floor, Times Square Building, WEH, Andheri (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400069

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