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We Want to Work with You!


Do you love games, study them and constantly think about creating your own?  Do you want to use your interest in games to create a unique gaming experience?  We are looking for innovative designers who want to pitch their games to GEG and ones who would like to work on our in-house concepts.  Please email us at with more about what game concept you have in mind or games that inspire you and why.


We commission illustrated/concept artwork across many genres for our publications.  If you are interested in freelance opportunities, please email us at  with a link to your portfolio.  We are currently looking for artists who enjoy working on:

  1. mythological creatures and/or landscapes

  2. food (this can be photography as well)

  3. maps


Do you love games and writing?  Do you love figuring out what resonates with your target audience?  Are you meticulous when it comes to copy editing?  If you answered "yes" to these questions for English, Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam, please email us for opportunities at


Are you a fan of boardgames that is fluent in English, but a whiz in another language as well? If you are a pro with translating English to Hindi or Tamil, please email us at


Are you creative and a pro with Adobe Creative Suite?  Do you love games? Contact us for freelance opportunities to bring games to life at

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